Wireless card Trouble [also belkin usb sucks]

made a video about it since it was to hard to say in words i guess
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  1. Belkins can be a real pain to set up and sometimes don't play well with other manufacturers(routers) and I experienced this pain myself. The Belking el crapo model I used had a utility tool that allowed me to select using the Windows utility, by me selecting it I was able to use it but it took a while to find it. Good luck my friend, I feel your pain!
  2. damn do u remember wat tool u used to fix that?
  3. How are you looking at available networks? Are you using the Microsoft utility or the Belkin one located in the system tray? Try looking in the control panel>Networking and sharing center> change adapter settings> go to the device and look in the advanced properties....Hunt around there and in the control panel for any new icon referncing the new Belkin device.... I wish I had remembered where exactly it was...
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    Look on page 33, this is for an old XP installation but I would be willing to bet the newer one has the same feature
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