EVGA GTX 650 Ti Video card has ports so close i cannot insert into HDMI

EVGA GTX 650 Ti video card has ports so close that i can only insert into the dvi ports. When i try inserting 3rd monitor into the HDMI port using AmazonBasics HDMI cable it touches both the dvi cable and the computer case and cannot go in. How is one suppose to actually insert it? I am thinking of upgrading to GTX 660 which has plenty of space between ports but am wondering is this a design flaw with the GTX 650 Ti?
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    it would be more of an upgrade paying a little more and going to a 760 instead from your 650 to a 660.

    it does seem a bit of a flaw in the layout of the card but might also depend if the card supports 3 monitors to begin with, just trying to think of why they decided on the layout.
  2. The plastic molding on the HDMI cable is quite large compared to any of my HDMI cables I would say that is the real problem. You can get good HDMI cables with connectors that are that wide. Also you picked a GPU that is meant to be small so it would stand to reason that the connectors would be close together given the limited space on the card.

    However if you want to upgrade I would agree with the above go with the GTX 760.
  3. I decided to go with GTX 660 which has ports spaced out and costed me less than 200 after rebate.
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