Should I use the fan controller on the Fractal R4 case, or use a software controller?

One PC I built recently uses the Corsair 200R, which is a basic case. My other PC uses the Fractal R4, which is a bit fancier. For instance, it has a hardware fan controller.

For the 200R, I use the motherboard's BIOS to control the fans. Should I use the motherboard's BIOS to control the fans in the Fractal R4 as well, or should I use the hardware fan controller? I'm leaning more towards the software because it's more exact; I can choose exact RPM, temperatures, etc. so that it's kind of automated, whereas the hardware fan controller only has three settings: 12 V, 7 V, and 4 V (something like that).

So, software or hardware fan controller? Advantages, disadvantages for each?
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    You basically laid it out.

    Do you want to have total control that you can only use through the bios (possibly also through software)? If so, hook it up to the mobo. Do you want to be able to change it at the flip of a switch with less precision? Then hook it up to the fan controller.
  2. Excellent thanks. I was skeptical that it would be that simple of a decision, but I guess I nailed it. Like before, I plugged in the fan to the motherboard by instinct, and then later realized that the fan controller needed to be plugged in if I wanted to use that. So then I had to make a decision, and determined that the software would be better since I don't like to fiddle with switches later, especially when the computer will be relatively difficult to reach for my particular situation.
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