will my power supply work with this system

Now I'm not concerned with the system itself im buying an ocz 700w power supply and I'm concerned it won't handle the GPU, the GPU is a bfgtech gtx 285 ocx edition, PSU requirement is 550w and I was recommended 46 amps on the 12v rail. The ocz PSU has 700w capacity with 4 12v rails each at 18amps, paired with a biostar 990fx mobo a 125w processor and other basic parts for gaming will it work?
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  1. Do you have a link to that OCZ PSU?
  2. That power supply is plenty, but if you haven't bought it yet, I would highly recommend going with a Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, or other very high quality PSU. The OCZ is ok, but these are better IMO. Look for one with 80+ certification.
  3. I steer clear of multi-rail power supplies. For one gpu its not such a big deal but adding multiple gpus or more power hungry components can cause havoc if you don't balance the load... I've used both types in my own computers and I much prefer the simplicity of a single rail. Not only does it make power balancing unnecessary, but I also have the piece of mind that if a single rail is rated as such high an amperage, it must have far better quality components than a multi-rail system.

    Nothing but physically testing it can tell whether that GPU will work on an 18 amp rail, but with such a huge difference between the recommended and the rated amperage (18 amps is very low) I personally would not consider it adequate and I'd look for a better PSU.

    - Pwny
  4. ksham said:
    Do you have a link to that OCZ PSU?

    its an ocz stealthxstream 2 700w PSU model number is ocz700sxs2
    im getting a brand new azza orion case, a WD caviar blue 500gb hard drive and that power supply all brand new unopened for $120, if anyone know anything about the Azza orion case, id like to know if it will house a 10.5 inch dual slot card like the gtx 285 is
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