ASUS VS247H-P vs ASUS VS248H-P ?!?

I cannot decide on which monitor is better for my gamin rig. I'm not sure which one is overall better for 1920 x 1080 gaming that I can use with HDMI. Please help me choose:
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    They're almost the exact same monitor. Looks like the VS248H-P is the newer version. I'd say if you can save a few bucks with the VS247H-P, go with that one. They probably have the exact same panel inside. Even though one says 23.6" and the other says 24", guarantee you they are the same size. A lot of monitor specs round up the screen size.
  2. I would buy the 23.6" one. It is big enough and cheaper. Stat-wise, they're both very similar so there is not much comparison to be done.
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