2 SSD Drives, 1 SATA III port. Which one to use?

I use my computer mostly for photo editing using Lightroom and Photoshop. It's a Dell XPS 8500, which unfortunately has just one SATA III port (excluding the mSATA port that I don't want to use).

I have a SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD with my OS and programs on it and Crucial 960GB SSD that has my photos on it. Which one am I better off plugging into the SATA III port, and which one should I use with one of the SATA II ports?

Or maybe I should get a new computer that has a bunch of SATA III ports. If I buy a new case, motherboard, and power supply, can I move my CPU, GPU, and RAM to that?
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    Probably not a lot of noticeable difference, but I'd put the OS drive on the SATA 3 port.
  2. ^ Agree put the SSD with your OS on it in the SATA III port. You will not notice alot of difference putting the SSD with your photos in the SATA II port.
  3. I'm going to roll the opposite way and say put the OS on Sata2 and the pictures on sata3. The os boots in 30 seconds and then you're pretty much done with it whereas you spend hours up[on hours working with your pictures (videos in my case) so I'd much rather have them loading/saving faster rather than knocking off another second or two on windows loading.

    ps - a 960gb ssd.. I'm jealous! LoL
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