Very Upset with Body Heating - Samsung NP530UC (just purchased) - Any Solution?

I've purchased today a new NP530UC-A03 laptop (intel i3 processor),
it came with win 8, and by default the energy plan is "Samsung Optimized".

now, before purchase I've read this review, about same model only equipped with intel i5 processor:

the review states that on idle mode the heating is not so bad, however, in my case, the heating seems to be like it's on the overload mode,
with the left top part of the body really heating up, making it unpleasant to type in about third of the keyboard surface, and also unpleasant to have the laptop on the lap.

few notes:
1. I'm not hearing the fan at all, I have no clue where it is located actually.
2. my CPU temp is about 60 degrees Celsius (when i start the computer it's about 45 - checked with an external app)
3. my CPU usage is is about 5%-20% at max (checked with task manager) - meaning i'm not stressing out the laptop at all (I'm working with about 20 browser tabs open, that's about it).

I'm very frustrated with this, is it normal at all? seems not according to the review above.
what can I do?
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  1. ur CPU temps are not bad for a laptop, check ur motherboard temperature,m also get a laptop cooling pad
  2. I couldn't find a program that allowed me to check my motherboard temp, maybe it is somehow disabled for this laptop.

    I don't find it acceptable to purchase a cooling pad, it's a new laptop designed not long ago, it should not need any external additions.

    also, i'm not sure what type of cooling pad your'e refering to and where should it be located, there are many types of them from what i've read on wikipedia...?
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