HAF XB + Intel 4th Gen + NH-C14 + i115x Mounting Kit + 200mm Top Exhaust Fan = Airflow problem?

Hello, I've ran into a little problem with my plans for cooling arrangements in my case (Cooler Master HAF XB).

The HAF XB, being a box shape, lets you place the motherboard flat, rather than on the side of the case like a tower would. There is an optional 200mm exhaust fan on the top of the case, but with this installed, CPU Cooler height is limited to around 150mm.

I wanted to install both, but I also wanted a decent CPU cooler to cool an i5 4670K (which I will probably overclock), so I found a cooler that was short enough - Noctua NH-C14. Being compatible with LGA 1155 only, I will also get the i115 Mounting Kit by Noctua which allows me to place it onto LGA 1150 Intel processors.

The problem I see here, will the 200mm exhaust (blowing air out the top) hinder the intake fans on the NH-C14 directly below it? I mean, there will be a 140mm intake fan for my CPU just below a 200mm exhaust fan, so it's like the CPU cooler will be trying to pull in air as it's being thrown out...

I could easily make the 200mm fan on the top an intake fan for maximum cooling for my CPU, but the point really was that there would be intake fans all along the bottom of the case that would rise (as heat rises) and be exhausted out of the top of the case, cooling all the main components along the way.

What do you think would be the best course of action? Is this really not something I should be that concerned over?

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    I have that case. You don't need the big 200mm fan. Airflow is pretty good in that case with the 2 fan in the front. I have a Noctua- uh12 SE2.
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