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So I wanted to upgrade the size of my RAID 5 from 1TB disks to 3TB disks. I read that it may be possible to swap out each disk and let it rebuild each time, and after swapping the 3rd, it may be possible to expand the RAID to the new maximum disk size. I am using Intel RST V10.5.0.1026 and have an ASUS P67 motherboard. After doing this, I could not find the option anywhere to expand the RAID size. I could however create a new disk on the RAID array using the extra free space.

Does anyone know if there is a way to expand the original volume? Right now I am in the process of initializing a second volume on the array from the extra space, will I be able to combine the volumes later?
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    It would help to know how many DRIVES are involved.

    Here's one option:
    1. COPY the data to another drive (external or USB)
    2. Remove the 1TB RAID
    3. Create the 3TB RAID
    4. COPY back the data

    This is probably the easiest solution. If you have enough drives to REMOVE one from the RAID5 setup, you can use it to copy the data to.

    Western Digital also has a network solution which is Gigabit capable. The "LIVE DUO" 6GB is RAID1 at 3GB effective or no RAID for 6GB. That probably doesn't interest you but it's worth mentioning. It idles at 5W only and communicates via Ethernet (up to 128MB/second if router is Gigabit capable).

    The advantage of the LIVE DUO is that it can be SHARED with any other device on your home network such as a compatible HDTV media player (DLNA) to stream movies or music. You can also setup an automated backup solution using Acronis True Image from any PC.
  2. You use rst to expand the capicty (ie going from 3 drive raid to a 4 drive raid)
    Use drive manager to extend the volume.
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