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Bear with me because I have relatively little computer knowledge.

I have a Dell inspiron n5110 core i5 and 6gb of ram. The graphics card is an intel hd graphics family and is pretty terrible. I have it updated with the latest drivers I could find and it still struggles to run simple games. I saw that some people have options to switch to a nvidia graphics card. I tried installing the nvidia driver but no compatible hardware was found. Is there something I am missing or anything I could do to improve the graphics? Could I even buy a new graphics card and replace it?

Any help or information on the subject would be great.
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    It's laptop? If no compatible hardware was found, that means your computer doesn't have discreet graphics built in, and unfortunately there's nothing you can do to upgrade it. The Intel HD graphics are built into the CPU and are not a separate device which you could remove and upgrade.

    As for other people being able to select nVidia graphics, likely the laptop was offered with a discreet graphics solution, but you're doesn't have it.
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