nvidia gtx 660 on 450w power supply

hi, can i run a gtx 660 in a 450w power supply, i have read in their website that the minimum psu for a gtx 660 is a 450w but it is safe to go with the minimum?
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  1. what PSU do you have?
  2. I'd say whilst you could, you shouldn't.

    That's got to be one of the worst reviewed PSUs I've ever seen.
  3. well, that PSU have 2 12V rail and an amperage of 15A on 17A giving you a total of 32A which is good. you also have an antec PSU and IMHO, antec PSUs are the best PSU out there. you can run the GPU but what are your other components like CPU, RAM, PCI equipments? we have to make sure that you will have enough power
  4. It's an old Antec - not a new one.

    Antec used to be crap - this PSU just so happens to hail from that shady era.

    EDIT: Yeah, that PSU is 8 years old. I would replace it ASAP. Seriously.
  5. I have an i3-540 and 4gb of ram, i don't have any pci equipment. i have used an online PSU calculator and they said that i can run it in my current PSU. i am concerned on the 12V rail matters because im no expert in PSUs
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    IMHO, it can run your rig without problems but to be safe, buy a new PSU, probably this one:
    this is a good PSU and it can run an i5 (no overlcocking) just in case you want to upgrade and pair it with your gtx 660.
  7. thanks, gonna try it. anyway i'm gonna sell my PSU and my old gt220 with my friend and i'll buy that PSU and a palit GTX 660. :)
  8. You won't get much for that old PSU mate. You won't get much for that GT220 either. Unless the guy that buys them off you is crazy.
  9. Also, I don't mean to sound cynical, but the PSU I recommend is 20$ cheaper.

    It also provides 30W more power, and has 10% more Amperage on the 12V rail.

    And since it's XFX, it's top notch quality because Seasonic make XFX' PSUs (if you weren't aware, Seasonic are the absolute leader in PSU manufacture - ipso facto, the XFX PSUs are mint.)

    Antec's are good. But not as good as XFX/Seasonic.
  10. i'd like antec PSUs because i'm using it since i bought my first computer and i can say that their PSUs are very reliable. dont get me wrong but i'm a real Antec fan even though some says that Seasonic are better
  11. It's not "some" that say Antec are better - it's general consensus that Seasonic are better than everyone

    Seasonic are the best, hands-down. I'm not even a fanboy - I've never owned a Seasonic PSU - it's just general knowledge that they are in a completely different league compared to other manufacturers.

    However, it's up to you :)
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