How to connect a wireless router to a mandated cable modem/wifi router combo? So, there will be two networks.

I would like to connect a wireless router [Model TBD: 802.11ac, simultaneous dual-band] to my current cable modem/wifi router combo [Motorola SBG6580; 802.11N + Docsis 3.0; shortcoming: NOT simultaneous dual-band!].

The point of my question, and what has kept me from moving forward with a purchase, is that I'm afraid of difficulty with the second or 'new' wireless network which would be created - down the line via Ethernet from the main modem/wifi router combo. Any direction (including links) would be appreciated.

**If you're still reading this:
further background to the problem:
I have a pressing reason for this, which is that my phone only has a 2.4Ghz capability, and I have the cable modem/router set to 5Ghz (it is not a simultaneous-capable type), because my computer wan speeds are more important to me than wifi syncing my phone. But, I would like to get that capability back. And, since I'm in no mode to upgrade my phone just to have 5Ghz N seems the inexpensive route to simply upgrade my wireless router and hopefully increase the speed of all of my computers + gain access for my phone to the (new) simultaneous dual-band router.

Thanks for your input!

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    why not set the SBG6580 into Bridge mode and connect a router to it.
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