gtx 650ti boost for gaming (1366x768)

hello guys, i'm building a new rig and i decided to go with an i5 3350p and an asrock b75 mobo with 8gb of RAM. now, is a gtx 650ti boost a good choice for 1366x768 resolution for gaming? or should I go for an HD 7850
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  1. well, the best GPU for 768p without overkilling is a GTX 650ti boost actually but going to a faster card is always better, so I would suggest that you go for an HD 7850 BUT what is your PSU first? you didnt mention it.
  2. oh, forgot to mention, this is the PSU:

    I have a limited budget but I can stretch it out a bit if it's really worthwhile to go with an HD 7850. what brand can you recommend then?
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    you've got yourself a good choice of PSU. :) of course it is very worthwhile to go with an HD 7850, it is an entry level for 1080p, take a look at this benchmarks, you'll get far better FPS than this because it is in 1080p while you're gaming only in 768P:,21.html

    i would recommend you get this one, the sapphire hd 7850 has a 1gb version. 1gb VRAM is enough for your current resolution but 2gb is better just in case you want some future proofing and if you want to switch to 1080p
  4. the 2gb version is a little out of my budget, so I guess I'll go with the 1gb version. :) thanks a much mate! :D
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