ASUS RT-N56U resets to factory default

Does anyone have any idea why my router resets itself to factory settings when I unplug it? I am running it on firmware version Whenever I need to reboot my router by unplugging it, I have to set it up all over again with my settings. This started happening after upgrading it to its newest firmware. Any help would be appreciated.
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    My advice would be to perform a hard reset of the router, then reflash it with the latest firmware, Do another hard reset, then apply some arbitrary setting like changing the password for the router settings login. Save, unplug and see if your settings are retained.

    Normally this works:
    1. when the unit is powered on, hold down the reset/WPS button for 30 seconds
    2. while still holding down the reset/WPS button, unplug the router from power and hold for an additional 30 seconds
    3. still holding down the reset/WPS button, turn on power to the router again and hold for 30 more seconds

    Holding the reset/WPS button continuously for 90 seconds total without releasing the button throughout the entire process.


    Power off the router then power on while holding the reset button to put the router into recovery mode.

    Now launch your web browser while connected via ethernet cable to launch the router config which will display the options to reset (clear) nvram to defaults, reboot router, or upload a firmware file.

    Click on restore nvram then after that completes, click reboot router this should perform the hard reset

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