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GV-R775OC-2GI and GV-R6570C-1GI on same MoBo

July 12, 2013 6:42:53 PM

I run 4 screens for the graphics work I do and figured a 7750 2GB card would be enough, so I got the second card, the 6570, as a 1GB. Each card by itself runs fine, but when I plug both of them in, the 6570 refuses to operate.

My MoBo is a GA-970A-UD3 (

At this time I am running an old VT HD3870X 512MB as the second. Yes, it runs fine, but I'd rather have the 6570 in there or a second 7750.

I'm not new to this, I soldered my first computer together, and I have yet to buy a pre-assembled system.

I installed the 7750 first then the 6570, then the 6570 first and then the 7750. No go either way.

Any ideas?