[Q] Best Graphic that will not cause Q8400 to be bottleneck

I currently have a Q8400 @ 3.4Ghz, with Sapphire Toxic HD 5850

Now I want to know what is the highest Graphic card that will not cause my CPU to bottleneck the performance.

I may think 7870 or 660 Ti

What do you think guys?
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    Get the best card you like ... don't worry about CPU Bottle neck , Cards can move to other PCs ..

    and don't get 660 Ti , get the new GTX 760 it is faster ,

    if You can get even the better GTX 770

    and btw , Pick Nvidia it has PhysX and it is waaay cool.

    here is an example of what you will get with PhysX

    and Ramadan Kareem :)
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