Hard Drive Dilemma

So basically I plan on building a PC. I have 2 HDD's from my old PC. One has the OS and the others have the data. My question is whether I can transfer these hard drives to another PC? I know windows does not like hardware changes. If that does not work, can I go back into my old PC and wipe the hard drive with the OS using ? And then reinstall windows onto that harddrive and put it into the new PC with the HDD with all my data? Will that keep all my files as they were?
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    If your old HDD's use a SATA interface you should be fine to just move it to the new PC.
    You wont be able to boot off the Windows installation, you will need to reinstall Windows on the new rig.

    The HDD you install Windows too will be wiped, the other drive should just have all the data on it. Though dont expect any programs on it to work, but its possible they will.
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