Can someone PLEASE help me open port 11155 UDP on my router?

I don't know how to open ports in my router
here's the some screenshot of my router please tell me what to do because i dont see any port forward or options like this

please don't tell me just go to Virtual Server or Special Applications,
tell me what informations to put in there

don't judge me i'm really noob at this :kaola:

for more informations. i want to use tunngle its a p2p software to play online games but when i try to run,it gives a NAT error and it tells me to set up port forward, to open port 11155,
and My router is Huawei E5776 4G LTE.

any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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  1. Make sure in the router UPnP is turned on.
    It told you that in the tunngle read up page.

    If it still does not work.
    First find your IP address the router gave your computer, you can find this in a menu or setup of the router. Something like connected devices.

    Go into the special applications section of the router. That is port forward.

    Click add.

    Name: Tungle
    IP: or what the router gave your computer as an IP address.
    Port: 11155
    Protocol: UDP.

    Click apply.

    Now click add again.

    IP: Or the IP address the router gave your computer.
    Port: 11155
    Protocol: TCP

    Click apply. should work after that.
  2. Thanks for the replay.
    but in special applications section i dont see any place to put IP address!?

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    Hi, I'm trying the same thing.
    I only find a solution:
    Network -> Right click on your router -> Property -> Settings
    and add a new rule!
    This works very good but... If I restart my router we're again at the same point...

    I've an Edimax router and the port forwarding isn't working. Can anyone gently explain me?
  4. You have to save the config and have a static ip, no good if you get a new ip next time you turn the pc on.
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