How can I make my recovery windows 8 disc?

Before I do it I have some questions. I just bought this laptop and I need to know if later in the future I can use this recovery disc without the windows 8 serial code, because it didn't come with the laptop since it was pre-installed. Also, I heard I can just reset my laptop via the recovery partition on my hard drive? I have a D: drive, but it has nothing in it, is this my recovery partition? How could I reset my laptop this way?

Answers are greatly appreciated!
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  1. If you bought the laptop from a shop.
    It should always have the windows licence key on a sticker. on the underside of the laptop.
    The other partition on the drive should contain a hidden recovery image of your windows 8 OS.
    Normally if you wish to re install windows 8 it will require you on power up of the laptop to press a F key during boot.
    It will tell you this in the manual for the laptop you bought.
  2. ok, I'll try this when I get home. The D: drive was completely empty though, there was nothing at all in it.
  3. You can make backup of your data and apps which have installed in Win8 like Win7
    Go to Control panel > System and security > File History > Windows 7 File Recovery > and create a backup on the big Drive of HD . don't forget to create system repair disk.
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    You can also create a recovery drive with a factory restore image on it if your system contains one. Simply enter create recovery drive on the Start Screen and select the search result under Settings. In the resulting window, there will be a checkbox for “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive.” You will need a USB drive large enough to hold your recovery partition.

    Typically, the recovery partition will not have a drive letter assigned to it. You can see the partition layout of your drive including partitions without drive letters through Disk Management. Right click in the lower left corner of your screen where you would launch the Start Screen and select Disk Management from the menu of administrative tools.
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