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I was creeping around my bios and noticed that my ram was running at a higher voltage than I had it set to. I have my DDR3 1600 Mushkin Enhanced Radioactive sticks set to 1.65v but in the bios it shows them running at a little over 1.7v. I assume this is because I have my i7 4770k overclocked a bit, but is this a safe voltage? I've read a lot of old threads saying that it could damage the CPU but nothing came up within the last few years. I'm using an Asus z87-a for a motherboard. Thanks.
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  1. It only a very tiny bump.
    Your ok there is nothing to panic about.
    It depends on your board.
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    Wouldn't use them myself, JEDEC standards call for 1.5 through 1600 sticks, generally 1.65 isn't needed till you get to 2133 sticks....generally at 1600 if they are 1.65 they are puching the ICs to far to run at that freq and generally, but not always at tight timings, with Corsair a lot of 1600/9 sets are 1.65 which is indicative of weak ICs, Mushkin tend to tighten down the timings and use high voltages to run then at the spec freq....For 1600 with tight timings I'd go like the Tridents, 1600/CL7 with 1.5 - those can generally run 2133 with a little extra voltage, the Mushkins you are already pretty much maxed out at short 1.7 is too high for 1600 (basically the 1.65 is to high for 1600)
  3. I'd get that voltage down if I were you. Even 1.65 is out of spec, though I've never heard of it damaging a mobo/CPU. If your DIMMS are rated for 1.65v you can probably get them down below that, and the lower the better, as long as you're stable.
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