PC turns off after powering PC

When i start my PC the power led lights up for a second or two, i obviously don't know the answer, but to try to turn it on again i have to plug my PSU in and out again!

Regardless of this all of my external devices such as my mouse and hard drive all stay powered, i am really confused.

I've had my PC for about 18 months but new parts since Jan. nothing like this has happened in that time :(

I'm not sure if this is a PSU related problem, a wire gone loose or some malfunction. i dont know what i would have to check to be completely honest and i'm hoping you folks can help me with my problem. thank you :)
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  1. I would go back to when you installed new parts check everything make sure cards all of them are seated and ram as well check all connections
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    The simpliest method is to use the smallest amount of parts, CPU, Motherboard 1 mem, onboard video to monitor and the PSU see if you get to BIOS. That is the first step.
  3. This is true but the op has a entire system so if he removes everything and starts over where is the problem my beat is a hard parts upgrade yes he needs to back track to when everything was running fine and figure the solution. as with software After you install so many apps or games and your pc acts funny its time to go back to when it all worked right.
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