Can you guys recommend me a Quiet Power Supply please? 600W+ <$50

hello, i just purchased a new 600W psu, this one to be exact :

i bought it because it has tons of connectors, its cheap, and its being advertised as "quiet". i hooked up this power supply today and it is by far the loudest power supply i have ever been around. my computer is a foot away from me so i need a psu that is very quiet.

can you guys please recommend me a power supply that is under 50 bucks, lots of connectors, 600W or higher, and most importantly quiet? also if possible can you guys confirm that 600W is sufficient for my machine? i will give you what ever specs you need to help identify.

thank you
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  1. Please return this PSU and get a new one. It's a terrible PSU. It may throw random errors and blue screens, cause system instability, or worse, take out internal components when it fails.

    If you're looking for a PSU, trust reliable brands such as Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, or Antec.

    Please list your PC's specs (CPU, GPU, motherboard, etc.) so we can see how much power you need.

    If you want/need a 600w PSU, use the rebate and buy this instead:
  2. Im definitely returning it, the noise is unbearable.

    CPU = AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.8GHz (Quad Core) 45nm, AM3 6MB Cache
    GPU= PowerColor AX6670 1GBK3-H Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit DDR3
    Motherboard = MSI GF615M-P33, nVidia 6150, Onboard Video, GB LAN
    4gb ddr3, 2 HDDs, 2 optical drives, sound card, capture card.

    thank you

    edit- that psu looks pretty good, do you by chance own that one? i just want to make sure im buying a quiet one to avoid any more returns. thank you
  3. 600w is a bit too much power for such a build, but it gives you a good margin for extras and upgrades.
    However, the CX600 is a solid PSU and for the price it's quite a good deal.

    If you want silence, this would be ideal, but (unfortunately) completely blows the budget :p :

    At least now you know there's an other option :p
  4. what do you recommend wattage wise? 500? my original psu was 460, it started to fail recently so it had to be replaced. im noticing my computer boots up faster and seems to run a bit better with the extra power, but that might just be because my old one was failing. for my specific system what psu would you recommend as ideal? thank you
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    460 is enough power for your build.

    I'd suggest this PSU since cost is your primary concern:
  6. im gonna buy that one today, thanks for the help!!!!11
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