Any advantages or disadvantages over Uatx or ATX?

Hi i am planning on building my first new gaming pc soon, and i was looking for parts, and i see there is uatx and atx.
are there any performance disadvantages with a uatx? is there anything wrong with it?

and here is the mobo i was looking at and am convinced that it is a good model.
what do you think?
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    aha its micro atx. its totally the same stuff. just the length of the board is shorter, which causes it to fit in smaller cases with micro atx form factor. Also limiting the number of PCI and PCI-E slots, meaning you can only go for dual gpu setup (maximum, some boards even let you use only single gpu).

    If you plan to add more than 2 PCI-E cards (can be gpu, wireless ethernet card, sound card etc...) you should choose ATX.

    as feature and performance wise micro atx and atx of the same type of boards are totally identical. you shouldnt be worried.

    good luck.
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