Samsung external hard drive: my computer shows disk had occupied space but upon opening disk shows no files :(

I did just put this info in answer to a post from a January comment so apologies for that. My Samsung Ex HD just decided to stop working but My Computer recognizes the drive and that it has content, when click on open- the window comes up with selections to view files etc, usually there would be 5 or 6 choices now only 2 and when I open the drive it shows no files or folders from a lap top.

Tried on a friends PC and the drive showed 2 things on the disk 1. a folder called Folder.0000 and a recycle bin neither of which I opened. I tried 3 recovery programs already but not the one mentioned above starting with U. Ironic I am in between moving and PCs and Lap tops and have been looking at pricing for online storage as all my college work, backed up emails, docs, files, programs, my lives work basically for 10 years worth of computers is on this flipping drive.

I am a pretty tech savvy 51yo woman but I do have Chronic Fatigue which is probably why I never thought to save to optical disk, now I feel really stupid...I also can barely afford a new external drive let alone pay someone to retrieve the files. I've been told might need to go into a "clean room" at great expense will take me over a year to save for that.

If anyone knows any programs under $100.00 that WILL recover my files given my disk is still "visible" please let me know, and or if anyone knows anyone in Australia reputable for getting a quote on recovery of my info much appreciated. Meanwhile I will try the program starting with U, and I do know not to allow reformatting or changing of any partitions etc.
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    Try this free and decent data recovery software :

    Note: Read the info. carefully before you use it.

    Good luck.
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