Random BSOD error 124

So I overclocked my 4770k to 4.5ghz but when I live streaming I get random 124 bsod errors every day or so. According to google its either the vcore or the vtt that needs to be turned up or down but I've tried everything I can think of and the bsod errors continue.

I've tried the vcore everywhere between 1.3 and 1.35.
I have the uncore at 40 and the vring at 1.15 but I've tried 2v as well.
I've tried the vrim between 1.8v-2v
From what I understand the vtt is just ram voltage which I haven't overclocked my ram at all so I don't see how it could be that.

Any advice?
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    A few things can cause the error. Check your cpu ring bus. If not at 1.9v try it

    Also, from within windows and getting this, low or dirty psu signal, bad drivers, ram chip fail, bbad power to gpu - any of these.

    Memtest86 bootable to rule out ram

    Update mobo and gpu drivers. Check bios ver on both.

    Run a reg chk and sfc.exe to rule out windows error
  2. You need more vcore. 1.35V is probably not enough.

    You did use a stress test to test the stability of your overclock, correct?
  3. Yeah livestreaming is about as intensive as it gets for stress testing if it is unstable it will usually crash within a minute. However this particular crash happens over the coarse of a day or so and even when I move the sliders back and forth within the acceptable range of voltage it doesn't prevent the crashes. I was under the impression that 3.5 should be max for 4.5ghz and considering how I had 4.6 stable (although at high voltages) I didn't think I'd need to go over that.
  4. Iirc yhat orig thread, ya it was really high vcore. 1.35 is not max. Just considered the avg vcore for 4.5. But every chip is different, can be higher or lower.

    Iirc, did you get therms under wrap?
  5. Thermals are fine under 4v. What do you think I should bump it up to?
  6. Have to play with it. Every chip is different. Up or down - one step, test, repeat until stable. For faster more accurate testing, use prime95. You will know pretty quick if stable. If you are stable after2hrs, try6, then survive 12 your good. Oc is not a race but an endurance and paitience challenge
  7. I turned up the voltage to 1.37v and ran aida64 for about an hour and I came back to the computer off. When I logged back on it said the bsod code was a0 which is "internal power error" does that mean my psu is faulty?
  8. could also be a vrm overheat, but often points to psu - or bad volt droop
  9. um... did you shut off power options when testing... as in hiberanation mode?
  10. My current power setting doesn't hibernate but does go to sleep after 30min.
  11. omg if that's part of this i am gonna laugh - try it. It's kinda like running a defrag and not turning off screen save.

    Kill all hibernation modes in windows power options
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