Need help with front panel audio wiring

Hi so recently I had my mobo and cpu changed for me and my front panel audio jacks weren't working, I had tried every software based solution and now I decided to open the case and see if the headers are connected and wouldn't you know it - none of the 7 were :D Unfortunately my mobo's manual isn't clear to where the headers should go, or atleast I can't understand it. Here is a link to the manual (on page 1-21):

and below I'll tell you guys what's on the connectors and their corresponding colour:
GROUND - BLACK (ok this one is pretty obvious but the others aren't)

I found this on the internet:

It seems plausible, doesn't it?Apparently my front panel audio is AC97, my GROUND goes to pin2, MIC IN goes into 1, MICBIAS - 3, SPKOUTL - 9, RETURNL - 10, SPKOUTR - 5, RETURNR - 6? This is the original page where I got the image, but it's in russian
Edit - I found another image basically stating the same thing:

But still can someone who knows more about this than I do tell me to go for it?

PS: My audio is via hd, not realtek, so suggesting to disable front panel detection won't work for me.
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