Front panel audio is confused with rear audio - help!

Everything was working fine until I decided I'd unplug my rig and clean it out as dust had began to accumulate inside it. I have the Coolermaster HAFX case which comes with an audio jack and mic input on the front - something I used very often whilst gaming / when people around the household wanted quite from my speakers!

My front panel audio jack (that I use for my headphones) will only work if my rear audio jack (used for my speakers) is plugged in. The problem is, when I used to plug in my headphones in the front, the speakers would cut out and sound would transfer to the headphones, and when I unplugged my headphones it would continue to play through the speakers as normal. Now, when I plug in my headphones, it plays through both my headphones and speakers simultaneously... so the sound isn't isolated to just my headphones.

So before I unplugged everything to clean my PC, I used to be able to have my music coming through the speakers and when I needed to swap to headphones, I could plug my audio jack into the front panel and the speakers would cut off and sound would play through only my headphones - then once they were removed, sound would get back to playing on the speakers.

Now, when I plug in my headphones on the front panel, it plays through both my headphones AND my speakers at the same time. I tested the rear jacks and found that if I don't have the speakers at the back plugged in, the front panel jack doesn't work at all, so I need the speakers to be plugged into the back whilst my headphones are in to even get the front panel audio jack to work.

I appreciate any help, I just can't understand why something would change within a matter of 20 minutes of me cleaning my PC out.

Additional info:
My audio playback is set to "Device > Speakers" as it always has been, and when I plug my headphones in, it doesn't (and has never) said "headphones" - it just used to play through the "Device > Speakers" (only it must have thought that the speakers was my headphones).


EDIT: I'm not sure if this is in the correct place, apologies I'm still quite new to forums!

EDIT: Reworked the writing to make more sense for you guys :D
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  1. Bump?
  2. It sounds to me like you jostled the cables running to the fron panel, and maybe the ground wire is loose. or it is plugged in the wrong direction.

    Check for manuals on the MOBO and Case to confirm that the connectors for the front panel are in the right way.
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