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Nevermind... Its fixed now.
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  1. With an Ssd you want just programs that read on the main drive like your os and main games. Ssd have a weakness that hard drives don't that there a limited number of writes to an Ssd chips before they wear out.
    A data drive is used for daily downloads and music and movies. Stuff that get written too then erased daily or weekly.
  2. jinayhvora said:

    With your build SLI is not available... plus I dont know i dthe GTX 770 will fit in that case... if yes how? the motherboard is a Micro ATX, do you think that if we remove the hdd cages it will fit? with the gpu in the first slot of the motherboard? and if i take out the hdd cages where will i be able to place the hdd an ssd? Thanks for the build though, Im just new to building and I'm worried it wont work...
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    For cases have you look at the new gt1 case from inwin???

    For a mb I pay the extra for this asus mb. It save you a pci slot if you need wifi.

    For the power supply spend the extra cash an pick up a seasonic unit or a rebranded one. I would also look into us computer stores like tiger direct to see if the prices with shipping is cheaper or have better stock then price picker.
  4. for SLI u need a Z87 board like the one suggested, ur card should fit in the case but i can't guarantee it
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