What is the best GPU for $400? What about $500?

Hey just a quick question.

I am planning on upgrading and was wondering what the best GPU would be for $400?

And if I could put in another $100 what would be the best GPU then? And would it be worth the extra $100?

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  1. for 500? GTX760 in SLI.
    for 400? that would be 770 territory but i think 7970 Ghz has been dropping ever since 770 comes out
  2. 2x Nvidia GTX 760 in SLI.

    That's the best for your $500 .
  3. thanks for the responses would a single 760 be able to run surround?
  4. HopelessNoob said:
    thanks for the responses would a single 760 be able to run surround?

    that card has the ability to run surround without the need of second card like Fermi (and older). but it might not have the grunt to play games with such high resolution.
  5. thanks again i've been reading a lot about the 760 and i feel like it would be a better investment to go with the 760 and sli it in the future than going with a single 770

    i'm looking at newegg's website which 760 would be best for the value? i'm looking at the msi single fan one
  6. did you mean this one?

    it is based on reference cooler which can be loud when the fan rev up. some 760 with custom cooler cost for $10 more but i think it will be worth it. it should be much cooler and much quiet. also right now nvidia already starts bundling Splinter Cell Blacklists to their cards
  7. yea and hmmmm i dont like the look of the non reference cards though haha i care a lot of aesthetics LOL but thanks!
    i have a question though if i put two cards in sli right ontop of each other wouldn't that cause a lot of heat? (sorry i'm a noob with sli/crossfire)
  8. Best answer
    right now most mobo vendor configure their so you can leave some space between the two so the top card have more breathing room. but still when fully loaded the top card will be much hot than the below one. adding side panel fan can help the gpu temperature a bit cooler when fully loaded but it also makes your card get dusty very fast
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