sata 3gbs or sata 6gbps

guys,im gonna get a ssd.....but my mobo dun hv sata 6gbps,should i get a pcie x1 sata 6gbps controller card or juz plug in the ssd into sata 3gbps slot????
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    Just use the 3gb ports. You will be pleased.
    Your best use for a ssd is for the os. The os does mostly random I/o, and that performance is unaffected by 3gb or 6gb.

    Also, pcie sata adapters may not be bootable and will be unsuitable for windows.
  2. Yeah the biggest difference between SSD and HDD is the latency, and SATA 6Gb/s only improves bandwidth compared to SATA 3Gb/s, not latency.
  3. Btw,my mobo only hv 2 sata 4 my hdd n one 4 my dvd drive.....if i plug my ssd to the hdd sata port(dvd drive sata port cannot cuz if i need to reformat,the i need my dvd drive to be bootable),then where should i plug my hdd??????any ideas???
  4. You might buy a add in card to get some added sata ports.
    Or... buy an external usb dvd drive.
  5. so,i should get d sata 3gbps or sata 6gbps?????
  6. Just plug the SSD into a SATA 3Gb/s port.
  7. Anonymous said:
    so,i should get d sata 3gbps or sata 6gbps?????

    A dvd or a hard drive can not saturate 3gb sata, only a ssd can.
    So you can put them on any 3gb or 6gb port without any performance impact.
    But you want your ssd for the os and it needs to be bootable. So, put your ssd and dvd on the motherboard sata port, and use the add in card for the hard drive
  8. thanks geofelt
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