Power supply making "clicking" noise and PC sometimes doesn't turn on


For some reason, I have encountered a couple of problems which arose from nowhere.

When I hit the on button on my PC, it doesn't seem to turn on. But when I fiddle around with the power cable and turn the PSU off and back on at the back, it seems to turn on, But the next time I go to turn it on, it happens again. I tried changing the power cable but it still happens.

And here's the most annoying problem. Once the PC is actually on, there is a fast, constant ticking sound coming directly from the PSU. I don't know if it's the fan, or something inside it but I'm okay with it as long as it doesn't mean the thing is going to go up in sparks one day.

The ticking stays at the same speed and frequency no matter what I do on the PC. After I turn the PC off, the ticking sound stays for several seconds, even after all the case fans and CPU fan have stopped spinning. That means it could be the PSU fan spinning for slightly longer, or again, something inside.

Does anyone have any idea what the heck is causing this? I can live with the ticking sound if it means no harm, as I don't really want to RMA.

The PSU is an XFX Pro 650W (80+ Bronze certified), so it can handle my PC perfectly fine and has done for months. I haven't even got a graphics card at the moment as I am waiting for a 760 to arrive.

Is this a known and / or serious problem? Will I need to RMA the PSU?

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  1. hope you're smart enough to stop using the pc before you ruin your investment.

    replace power supply. do not buy a new one by price.
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    I had the same problem a while back. I took out my psu and opent it up and the only moving parts inside was one of the fans. I removed the screws to the fan and blew it out real good and put everything back together and the noise stopped.

    So maybe try that?
  3. Great PSU made by Seasonic , but could be a bad bearing.RMA it.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Great PSU made by Seasonic , but could be a bad bearing.RMA it.

    This. Anyway, I'm really starting to think that you work at Seasonic or something, Mr.Moderator.
  5. Just found this, it sounds exactly like it:

    As you can tell from this video, the clicking isn't too loud. I can't even hear it while listening to music or when playing games. I can definitely live with it, but would it be good to RMA it? I don't want to ignore it and then find it explode one day or something...
  6. hi i also hae the ame problem
    from what you are saying you must have an interinal over load inside the psu so you psu is failing and has a chance of complete fail or worse !!!!(fire)!!!! because the transistor/capacitor switching mechinisum is failing and that is running on your houses output voltage side nd if it blows the local voltage wires from the house power could fuse toghter causing amp over load starting fire
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