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I own a PC with a GTX 660 and an i7 3770k, it can run games well. However, I recently purchased Far Cry 3 and set the settings to medium with Vsync locked at 60FPS, the GTX 660 hits about 65 degrees MAX whilst playing this game, should I be worried? Also, is it dangerous to turn your card's fan speed up to 75 percent? That's the max I can turn it up to with Thunder Master by Palit - yes, I'm using software called "Thunder Master" (it came with my PC) to look at my GPU temps. Thanks.
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    65 is a good temp, especially if the card is near max utilisation, i would not be worried.
  2. Okay thanks, but can someone answer about the fan speed? And is Thunder Master any good?
  3. For what? Power supplies?
  4. Thanatos Telos said:
    For what? Power supplies?

    No, on Thunder Master you can turn the GPU fan duty (fan speed) up to 75 percent, is it safe to turn it to the max?
  5. Fanspeed just means less heat, more noise, and faster dust buildup.
  6. Thanatos Telos said:
    Fanspeed just means less heat, more noise, and faster dust buildup.

    Thank you, but can turning it up and leaving it at max break the fan?
  7. It should be fine on max. But do keep in mind it will get clogged with dust much quicker.
  8. Thank you all. I am playing it on low - medium and hitting around 50 degrees Celsius at 65 percent fan speed.
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