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Hey guys. This is my rig

So I just got a GTX 770.
However, Im wondering if I should upgrade my processor. I have an i7 2600(non K) and I just want to know if this processor is good enough to max everything at 1920 x 1080. I know processor is not as important for gaming, but I'm just wondering if its futureproof and good enough to match the performance of the video card. Once again, looking to max all games. Thanks!
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  1. good enough. as for future proof, no one can really tell you how future games hand cpu loads, as the games dont exist...
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    I think you should be good.

    Some games, mostly MMO ones can hit the cpu a bit harder.

    Unless you have a situation that leaves the cpu maxed while the video card has very low use, you are not bottle necked.

    Also note that vsync will lower video card usage as well(not that it is a bad thing, just something to keep in mind when trying to look for a bottleneck).
  3. It will not bottleneck a GTX 770.
    It will have a hard time bottlenecking GTX Titan SLI.
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