Upgrade from AMD HD5750, $200 budget, advice?

I don't know much about the latest video cards any more, so hopefully someone can help me with this. Considering upgrade from ATI HD 5750 card and have up to 200 dollars to spend, but not sure if that will get me anything good/ if its worth it, and if it is worth it, what I could get?

I looked around and saw Nvidia "GTX 650 Ti" cards that looked appealing to me for good prices but dont know enough about it to justify the expense.

I would really appreciate any advice.
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  1. What are your pc specs ?
  2. mohit9206 said:
    What are your pc specs ?

    windows 7 64bit
    intel i7 k875 @ 2.93 ghz
    4gb ram
  3. Well the only downside I could see is a higher TDP on the 650ti 110 ver 85 on the 5750. Other than that and I do not really care about Power Consumption myself I have never factored that into what I purchase. Here is some benchmarks from AnandTech between the 5750 and GTX 650ti both 1gig cards. The GTX 650ti seems to be a all around better card and a good upgrade from the 5750.
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    I'd recommend spending closer to $200 for a genuinely noticeable upgrade, specifically a GTX660. Assuming of course the PSU will handle it (it's low power, but not as low as the 5750).
  5. Thank you everyone for your input, it was extremely helpful!

    Using the comparison chart from the AnandTech site shown, I can see that the GTX660 really is a more significant improvement, although they both appear to be better than my current HD5750. My power supply is 600W and i do not run with much in the way of bells and whistles in there.. so i think that should cover me, I hope.

    I have found an MSI branded GTX660 card with 2gb ram for 200 [including shipping]. Will double-check but seems like the good choice.
  6. Good choice :-) And 600 watts is ample. Have fun with your purchase!
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