How to Share Broadband Connection with wireless Router through Desktop

I have
one desktop with two NIC ,
two laptop
one TP-LINK WR841n wireless router with 5 port of cat5(RJ45)[ 1 incoming 4 outgoing ] and
many jumper cables of cat5 (RJ45).

Note : Direct cable of broadband to my router connection is not possible ( cable length problem and router place problem).

The problem is how can i share my broadband connection with router through desktop( 2 NIC ). so i can use connection in laptop when desktop is on.

Broadband to PC [NIC1] ,
PC [NIC2] to Router

Answer in step by step Action..
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    This may sound easier, but why not put the wireless router right next to the cable modem, and then get a wireless card for your desktop.
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