760GTX 4GB in SLI

Hi everyone, few questions about this configuration: 760GTX 4GB in SLI

1. Its my PSU good enough? NZXT HALE82 750W PLUS BORNZE

2. Its really necessary buy two 4GB edition? or can be done with 1x4GB and 1x2GB?

3. Airflow and temp: witch model is better?
EVGA (exhaust) or Gigabyte Windforce that is coming soon
My case is Fractal Design R4 Silent Mid-tower, with 3 fans (2x120mm front, 1x120mm rear)

I know 780 will be better cost/watt ratio but, I'm planning buy/add 2 more monitors in coming cristmas.

Thanks, any response will be appreciated.
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    Buy cards that match and your PSU is solid and will run those cards.I like the Windforce design.
  2. Don't forget to choose a Best Solution when you open a question thread , the forum members will appreciate that.Thanks for posting on the forum.
  3. Thanks! I started thinking nobody going to answer hehe.... PSU its fine and im going to buy two 760 4GB

    I'm still worried about the airflow and temperature, yes WindForce is a better solution, but it blows all the hot air in to the case and my case is mid-tower with an acoustic solution that didnt helps with temp, this will be a problem?

    Maybe someone can suggest a good fans/airflow management?

    Dont worry I will choose a Best Solution :)
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