Can I use two PSU's to power one Graphis Card?

I only have a 400W iMicro PSU and it doesn't appear to be good enough to power a GTX 660 which requires a minimum of 450W. Instead of getting a new PSU, would it be possible to take a PSU from another computer, such as a 250W PSU, and use both of them to power the graphics card?

I realize the other PSU needs to be initialized from another motherboard which I can do. My GTX 660 already uses the adaptor which connects two separate power connectors from the PSU. Would it be possible and safe if I link one connector to the main 400W PSU and the other connector to the 250W PSU?
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    Possible yes, but i would suggest against it. You would be better of getting a better single power supply.
  2. It's possible but it's more effort than its worth. Just go out and buy a PSU that fits the bill.
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