$200 Budget -- Which 1080P ASUS Monitor?

Looking to upgrade to 1080p monitor from my current one (HP w2207h).
I will be using it mainly for gaming and graphic / website design.
I would like to spend $200 or less (preferably a $200+ monitor with a sale or rebate bringing it down to under or at $200).

After research on the forums I thought I had my mind made up on the VS239H-P, but I really want integrated speakers and to be able to adjust the display.

I started looking at other ASUS IPS panel monitors -- PB238Q and VG23AH, however just noticed their 5ms and 6ms response time. Would this be a bad choice for online gaming compared to the the 1ms and 2ms Asus monitors? 3D capability does not matter to me, I will not be using it.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you.

Links to Amazon with free shipping (after rebates)
VG23AH $189.99
PB238Q $185.15
VS239H-P $159.99
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    Manufacturer-quoted response times aren't that useful. There's massive variation between different 5ms panels, huge variation between different 8ms panels, same for 1ms... to illustrate:

    A 6ms panel:

    Now see how another 6ms panel performs:

    And an 8ms panel so you can see just how much that counts for :-)

    Best thing is to get on a professional monitor review site ( is the best of these) and see some of the high-speed photography results for yourself.

    Left column images by the way are best-case-scenario and right side are worst-case-scenario. The 2nd and 3rd monitors there are near enough perfect response on the left and on the right is about the best you'll ever see for worse-case-scenario results. Any ASUS IPS/PLS model with Trace Free should achieve similar results.

    EDIT: Are the images appearing for you in the post? They disappeared for me.
  2. sam_p_lay said:

    EDIT: Are the images appearing for you in the post? They disappeared for me.

    No I cannot see them.
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