Weird 6570 problems?

I recently bought a new HD6570 to put in my system since my previous card overheated like crazy lol. When i put it in everything was fine. I downloaded the newest drivers. I noticed in AMD Overdrive though that the memory clock was at 500mhz and gpu clock was at 650mhz. also it says the fan speed is 0rpm. I have a fan and i can see it turning. also, the graphics card advertised as 1000mhz memory clock speed, so "overclocked" it to 1000mhz, when i did this my screen went all weird and i got a blue screen, i put it back to 500mhz, why does this happen?

My system is an i7 870 at 2.93GHz
4GB ram
300W psu
here is a link to my graphics card.
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  1. Anyone?
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    Low end cards like the 6570, 6670, 7750 etc usually don't have RPM sensors on their fans.

    0 RPM is normal for those cards.

    Secondly, the memory is DDR which means "Double data rate"
    It transfers data twice per clock. 500 MHz has an effective memory data rate of 1000 MT/s.

    When you over clocked it to 1000 MHz, you brought the memory up to 2000 MT/s or double its specs. No surprise that it crashed.

    It should be either advertised by its actual clock rate or labeled MT/s instead of MHz. But that is just how marketing is and virtually all memory is sold like that.

    In short: 500 MHz is correct.
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