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So I visited the U.S for a tour, and I bought a new keyboard, it has US layout, and I am used to the norwegian one, well the ; "<,>" are on the other side of the keyboard resulting the key to not work on the norwegian language os, I could change it to english but then letters like "å" wouldnt work , so do you have any ideas?
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  1. what type of keyboard did you buy?

    if you bought a mechanical keyboard you may be able to get keys for norwegian. if you bought a rubber dome keyboard you are likely stuck with it.

    they do make "stickers" you can put on the keys for other languages but its really only a bandaid fix.

    if you are using the norwegian keyboard layout in the os the letters printed on the keys do not matter. it goes by what the os THINKS they key is (according to the keyboard layout) not what is actually written on the key. for example the "A" key if in my language is the "G" key then pressing it would give me "G" not "A".
  2. It is a mechanical keyboard, k70.
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    wasdkeyboards sells full keycap sets as well as individual keycaps



    you can get just the keys which you need
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