Will it work and how well will it work??

I am planning on making a sub $700 gaming mini-itx build (No peripherals) in the near future and i was wondering how well my cpu and gpu would work together. i plan on using an i3 2130 cpu and a sapphire radeon 7870 ghz edition gpu (BIG gap i know...). I wanted to make sure that there would be know bottlenecking and make clear if games that take advantage of 4 cpu cores would still work well(Medium- High settings @1080p)
I have a complete list of parts from Here:

One more quick question. PCPickApart says that my psu is "incompatable" w/ my case. Can anyone explain why that may be? I thought psu size was standardized?
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  1. Well the incompatibility on the PSU is because the PSU that that case uses is a SFX form factor and not ATX.

    So if you want to keep that case you will need to find a SFX PSU in order for it to fit that case or find a different case. And yes it is standard size but there are several standards that can be used depending on what the part is made for.
  2. Will a 450w psu be enough?
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    The i3 will obviously be the limitting factor in your rig. I would go with a tower rather than one of those small form factor cases. 450 is cutting it a little close in terms of power. If your budget has some wiggle room, I would do yourself a favor and upgrade to an i5 and splurge a little on the GPU - this is still under $900:
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