Asus P8Z77-V LX 2 graphics card compatibility

Asus P8Z77-V LX2
i5 3570k
32gb ddr3 1600
Corsair AX750 PSU
Windows 7 ult 64

I've put the above together for a VM host machine. No gaming required but could do with 4 screens so to keep costs down I got a used PNY Quadro NVS 440 (pcie x16). Everything went fine til I added the graphics card. Over multiple system restores and reinstalls I've found that the system crashes as soon as both the Asus onboard video drivers and the add on card are installed. Windows update achieves the same too. Prior to the crash device manager will list 2 fully working NVS 440's (which I believe it should).

I've tried not installing the onboard video driver and uninstalling the onboard in device manager before each windows update. This worked smoothly until I tried having a look at the Windows Experience Index. The whole system fell apart again during the scan so I guess things still aren't stable!!

Ideally I'd love someone to point me to a quick fix for this, though i'm suspecting the motherboard and card just don't like each other! Alternatively and possibly more realistically has anyone experience of a 4 output (or 2x 2 output) card that'll work with this board? As I said nothing super-fancy required. The existing screens all have just VGA connectors and funds are running low so I'd rather look at hardware that'll handle them as-is rather than messing round with HDMI, displayport, etc outputs.


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  1. Have you tried to just disable the onboard video card in bios? Once its disabled windows wont see it at all.
  2. I was about to add the onboard can't be disabled, there's no option as far as I can tell. Primary video is selectable: Auto/iGPU/PCIe/PCI. I've already tried all the options nothing helps there.
  3. According to the manual you can. You have to enter the advanced mode of the UEFI bios, go to the advanced tab -> system agent configuration -> graphics configuration-> disable initiate igpu. This will aslo disable Lucid Virtu which is probably whats causing the problems. This info is on page3-19 of the manual. If you dont have it it can be downloaded here
  4. Already done that. Not sure if it's relevant but the mobo is the LX2 rather than the LX you referred to in that link. On mine there are 4 sections within "graphics configuration":

    Primary Display. Currently on "Auto" but its making no difference.
    iGPU Memory: Auto
    Render Standby: Was "Enabled" but I've now tried "Disabled"
    iGPU Multi-Monitor: I presume this is what you're talking about? Again this is currently disabled but makes no difference. The onboard is still powering a display with this turned off :/

    Just to add the BIOS is the latest version.
  5. In the Us the LX2 isn't on the website so I was looking at the LX, and the bios is different. I was thinking there wasn't anything plugged into the onboard and you were just running 4 monitors on the NVS. If you are using the onboard aswell you may want to install the virtu software, that may solve the driver issue, if the hardware is using it and the software isn't installed it may be causing the crashes. I think to disable it iGPU multi-monior has to be disabled and no monitor should be plugged into it. You may also want to check for an updated bios, there a several that fix stability issues.
  6. No this is happening with just one screen attached to the NVS. I don't want or need to use the onboard at all. Bios is the latest and iGPU multi-monitor is disabled. I've just removed the mobo battery and am trying a fresh install without the NVS and bios settings Primary Display: Auto, iGPU Memory: Auto, Render Standby: Disabled, iGPU Multi-Monitor: Disabled (it looks like the bios options are the same as the LX). Should that all go ok I'll add the NVS once everything's updated. I did this initially but can't say for sure what the bios settings were.

    Should it crash again I'll try safe mode and see what error logging I can find. Anything particular I want to look for in the event log?
  7. Reinstalled and working ok. The only problem I can find is getting the windows experience index. That bluescreens part way through but reboots successfully afterwards which is an improvement! The error message after starting up again says it couldn't reset the driver. If that's the only problem it's ok as I won't be doing any graphics intensive gaming, I just hope it's not going to crash when I've got VM's running....
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