hp pavilion dv6700 windows 7 disc boot ????

ok I have a hp pavilion dv6700, with a brand new hdd, and need to put windows 7 on it. I put the disk in the internal driver and I have it to boot to the cd/dvd driver first and nothing happens. what do I do??? I even tried a external dvd drive with no luck. please help? thank you
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  1. Are you using a windows 7 OS install disk.
    It looks like the disk you are using is non boot able.
    It should come up with a message press any key to boot.

    If you have an upgrade version of windows 7 the install will not boot when placed in the cd/dvd drive and the laptop is set to boot from the cd/dvd drive.
    The upgrade to windows 7 from vista must be preformed through windows.

    The full version of windows can be booted from the CD/DVD drive if it is set to the first boot device.

    Looks like you have the upgrade version. I mean was Vista running on the laptop with the old hard disk drive in it.
  2. Yes it's a 7 os disk , and it's not a upgrad disk this would seem a simple process , I have done it a million times before but this is the first time I have come to a problem like this. It's a fresh hdd with nothing on it but I can't get the cd/DVD drive to boot or USB . I guess since its a hp it's Doing this ?? When I go into bios it says os is vista came installed on it but there's no os on there atm .
  3. Check BIOS in case you have to disable UEFI boot and put in to legacy mode.
  4. Can't find ufei any where in the bios
  5. I have no clue how to put it in legacy mode . I don't see anything in the bios I searched google for hours with no luck at all the pc is a hp dv6700. It came with vista on it
  6. Dycegamez - Did you ever get this solved? I am having the very same issue and am pulling my hair out. I have a full Win 7 Pro OS disk and can't get it to run on a brand new hdd. Very same issue that you described here with the very same machine - was originally loaded with Vista from the factory.

    Would love any assistance you can give me!!
  7. In the BIOS, what is the boot order, normally HDD, Optical, USB/FDD.

    You can also select boot device at startup by pressing F1 or F10, well one of the Fx keys ;)
  8. I set it to run from the Optical then USB. It will not boot from the OS disk (ISO or bootable) or from bootable USB. It then flashes on a black screen Operating System Missing. (Duh, trying to load it HP) ;)

    I have even tried going backwards and loading XP Pro - no bueno, will not boot from the disk. Any other suggestions?
  9. Also like Dycegamez I can't find UFEI anywhere in the bios. I have ran the HDD test and memory test and they are both good. The new hard drive does not come back with any errors. I have tried to get a Recovery Disk from HP without any success too. I am hoping that this laptop has not become a huge doorstopper now. My son starts school on Monday :( This is the machine he uses for class assignments...
  10. You have to set the order up as CD drive then the intended HD.
    Any other boot device should be bellow the cd and HD.
    If there is an option in the bios for secure boot make sure it is disabled.
    Second of all in the bios you should have two modes at least.
    Because its a HP, well they can be funny.
    But set the interface device to AHCI mode, and not sata because it messes things up.
    On old boards and I mean old HP systems, it ony gave you IDE and sata as an option.
    So Select IDE if the case.
    After making the changes in the bios, make sure you save the changes before exiting.

    Now do not leave the USB stick in the usb port as it will halt the booting process.
    Another HP glitch.

    You should get the message press any key to boot.
    Press enter and windows setup will run.
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