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I recently upgraded a portion of my existing Win 7/64 Asock Z68 Gen 3 machine to include an i7 3770K, GTX 780 SLI and 16GB of 1866 RAM. I currently have a 300GB Velociraptor as my system drive and a slower 1TB as a storage drive. I am now considering upgrading to SSD. I'm a "1 drive for the OS and 1 drive for storage" guy, so I'm thinking something like a Corsair Neutron GTX 480 as a new main. 2 years ago I could have went to SSD when I built the system, but I thought at that time SSD was still in it's infancy with issues. I have heard good things about Corsair SSD's and considering every system I've owned in the last decade or so has had rock solid Corsair system RAM, I'm kinda partial since I've had nothing but spectacular experience with them.

Anyhow, any thoughts about going to SSD, their pros and cons, their quirks, the do's and dont's with SSD would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would strongly recommend going with a new SSD. Either the 840 PRO (most reliable) or the OCZ Vector (also pretty good). They will last you much longer than the older SSD's
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