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My pc is used mainly for gaming and surfing the net. I have oc my i5 2500k to 4.7ghz withe vcore at 1.42v in bios. Clear stress test running prime95 over 12 hrs. But temp hit 83C when room temp is at 32C.
Under my normal usage, where would my max CPU temp be. I don't run prime 95 everyday!
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  1. I don't understand the question. your prime95 temps are well within the safe max temps for your cpu. so obviously you have a solid cooling solution. Generally i find prime tends to push your system above and beyond what you'll ever see under any situation. if your system is prime stable it's stable as a rock. so clearly you have no concerns.

    Perhaps you could rephrase your question, as i'm not even understanding the point.
  2. My apologies for not putting myself clearly! I know my system is stable. Although many have said anything below 85C is safe but there are also some who says otherwise. I am just concern about the temp safety. I am undecided on whether I should go for a more serious cooler like noctua d14 to get a better temp.
    I was wondering how close will i get to the kind of temp when I am running prime95 when I am using my pc daily which is mainly surfing and gaming.
  3. If you are pushing 1.42v through your chip I would say upgrade your cooler.

    For example I have an OC'd 2600k with a Corsair H100 cooler and it rarely hits over 60C, thats with 24/7 F@H.

    I wouldn't think your cpu will hit those sort of temps unless you are stress testing but even still cooler is always better.

    What are your idle temps like?
  4. My idle temp is around 34C at room temp 32C. I am using the CM V6 now. Tempted to get the corsair h100i but I hesitate because not sure how much improvement. I want to be sure it is more than twice the V6
  5. I would suggest re applying your thermal paste 1st and see if that improves things.

    Is your case well ventilated?

    EDIT, just seen your specs, same case as me, how are your fans set up?
  6. I did reapply with artic mx4 and about 1 to 2C lower temp. 2 120mm front and 1 200mm side intake fan and 2 140mm top and 1 120mm back exhaust fan.
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    Try switching your rear 120mm from exhaust to intake so it sucks cool air in and onto your cpu cooler.

    Also if you are using the supplied Corsair fans in the front I would suggest replacing them with a fan with higher air flow, they don't shift a lot of air really.
  8. Switching the back exhaust to intake will post a problem as my CM V6 uses 2 fan in push pull. I probably replace the 3 120 fans that come with the case first thing tomorrow. But I suspect there will be only small improvement in temp. Been holding back getting 3 decent fans cost more than half of the noctua d14 or the H100i.
  9. Oh right so you have the V6 pushing/pulling the air towards the rear exhaust fan.

    I'm only talking about the front 2 intake fans to increase internal flow, I switched mine out for a couple of Artic Cooling F12's, they were only about £4 off eBay and they made a real differance to temps. Obviously Noctuas would be nice but they are 5 times the price.

    Can you up the fan profile in your bios to a more aggresive cooling profile?

    Also found case runs much cooler with the top grill removed.
  10. I have already set the fan profile to manual with .75 slope in bios. CPU fan mode on auto. I was actually looking at Noctuas which are known to be low noise but very expensive! well, if the artic fans are good, I might get them instead. The local importer of artic products is doing a special at US$9. The Noctua would be US$32. How much better will the Nocuas over the artic f12? If they are a lot better I might bite the bullet!
  11. Theres no doubt the Noctuas are a better quality fan, I will probably get a couple of NF-S12A's in the future.

    The F12's are surprisingly good though, I'm glad I tryed them as they were so cheap.

    They push loads more air than the original Corsair ones but just remember if u are using the built in fan controller on the 500R it has non standard connections so u can't just hook up new fans to it.

    Go Noctuas if u can afford them or F12's if u just wanna see what differance it makes without spending a fortune.

    Does your CPU fan mode have an aggressive mode?

    P.S. I would still try switchng your rear exhaust to intake, switch your V6 round and see if that helps.
  12. After much deliberation, I got for myself the corsair h100i. I can only mount the fan as intake as one of fan not able to clear the last 2 ram by 1.5mm! I change the fan to a pair of nctuas f12 pwm as the software would start at maximum rpm before going to the preset setting and th corsair as it is high rpm design is VERY loud. I use them to replace the original corsair casing front intake fan. My xigmatek 140mm fan adapted to replace the original back exhaust fans. As the maximum speed and quiet mode differs only by about 3C, I run it at quiet mode.
    The H100i really works for me ad I manage to get the temperature I want- about 13C lower than the V6. Cool! Expensive move but no regrets.
  13. I tried just about every different variation with my H100.

    You need to get the fans exhausting air out the top of the case, will the radiator fit inside and the 2 fans in the top cutout section sucking air out of the case.

    I found and combination had similar results as long as the top fans were extracting and the rear fan was pulling air in, seemed to cool the components around the cpu better also.
  14. It is impossible for me to install the radiator fan as exhaust as one of the fan will hit against the outer 2 ram. I did read a review that says test result did show any difference mounting the fan either way.I did mount the 2 enermax tb fan in a push pull mode so that air will be push across the mobo. I affixed it by heavy duty 3 M double sided tape on top of the bottom hdd bay. I will try other options later when I more time.
  15. Sorry I don't quite get it?

    Just explain to me how u have installed the h100i, whats inside the case and what's outside the case?

    Installing xtra fans can sometimes actually hinder a cases cooling performance by disrupting the natural air flow, I found no advantage with the bottom mounted fan installed just 2 front intake, large side, 1 rear intake and 2 top mounted exhaust.

    Obviously u could well have different results but pretty sure all that warm air will rise andif u aaren't exhausting it out the top it ain't gonna help.
  16. Sorry will try my best to detail my setup. The two radiator fans are mounted as intake fan on the top fan opening of the casing where the tray compartment is. The radiator is then mounted on the inside of the cAsing immediately below through the long fan mounting screw. The original corsair radiator fan is then used to replace the two original casing intake fans. As I uses only one DVD drive which I installed on the top level of the drive bay. This will allow space to install two fans within the drive bay. The two enermax fans are mounted in a push pull config which would push across the upper half of the mobo. When I have more time(wife is complaining!) I will try other config, but the only way for me to mount the radiator fan as exhaust unless I change my ram again. Anyway I am getting my targeted temp but lower is always better!
  17. Right so is it possible to switch the places of the radiator and its fans. Put the radiator in the tray compartment and the fans inside the case extracting air.

    Leave your front 2 fans as intake and your large side fan as intake.

    Set your rear exhaust fan to intake also.

    This will produce a large amount of cool air within the case that will then be sucked through the warm radiator and extracted from the case.

    I really don't think that adding fans in your drive bays will help, my setup is exactly as I have described above and I a Folding 24/7 in a heatwave with an overclocked 2600k and 2xGTX660 and nothing in the case reports above 60C.

    If your fans alone won't fit inside the case without the rad then keep as is but switch the fans mounted in the tray compartment to extract air through the radiator and out of the case, this will work nearly as well.

    Best of luck, glad you are happy with the H100i :)
  18. Why did I not think of putting the radiator in the tray compartment? I think I will try out the configuration you suggest when the opportunity arise. I am very sure I will have better temp. I am happy with the h100i but my wife is extremely unhappy I had to change something that is working and spending so much time on it!
  19. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart :lol:

    Hope it pans out for you and your wife understands, I feel your pain :D
  20. managed to fund time to do some testing. Then I discover I had actually done something real stupid when installing the block! I had mount the back plate wrong way round which resulted in the mounting screw slightly angle. As such the block was not sitting perfectly flat on the heat spreader. The mounting screw was bent as a result and broke off in two when I attempt to bolt it down after correcting the back plate positioning. never expect the metal screw to be so easily bent and broken. I make use of the shorter screw with a spacer to carefully mount the block after applying some mx4 thermal paste. Ran prime95 for 23 hours and a get a temp of 61C compare to previous 69C. Cool! I did try the fans configuration as suggested. I did not get any improvement in temp and fan noise seems to higher.
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