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Hey Folks,
I have a D-Link 2750U modem, hard wire links, and am running Windows 7 Pro.

I have a 'normal' teenager who does not like his internet access being limited, even during key exam times. The modem options worked fine - by limiting his hours of access using his PCs MAC Address - until the last exams when the system seemed to have failed. His results, sadly, reflect his long extra hours on the net.

I have just discovered that he is running a programme that changes his MAC address almost at will. Thus the reason for the failed effort to limit.

Does anyone know a method to overcome his 'innovation'?

Thank you.

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    I'd check to see what all is installed, uninstall anything like that program, create an account with basic privileges for him (i.e. he can't install anything or change settings), then change the admin password. You'll need to move favorites and the like to the new account.

    But... Every time he needs something done you'll have to do it.

    May have to google restricting user permissions for more info.
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