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Recently I switched to Comcast because CenturyLink was very weak in the area I moved to(1.5Mbps at best). I got a SurfBoard Extreme SB6121,en_US,pd.html which has 1 Ethernet port on it. I am wondering, will I be able to use a Tenda Access Point to connect 3 computers to the internet or should I go for a router?
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    Do you know if the Tenda AP has an integrated DHCP server?

    If it does, it should be fine, if not you need something else.
  2. Ah, no there is no DHCP mentioned in the specs. Think it would just extend my network if I added it. Well if I had a network first.
  3. Yeah, most AP's don't support DHCP, they are meant to extend a network.

    I didn't see that in the specs either.

    I'm sure you know what DHCP does, but in case you don't: It is one of the core services that allows multiple devices to sit in a private LAN. Specifically, it handles the IP address assignment in a private 10.x/172.16.x/192.168.x IP address range. If your devices don't use a DHCP server, your router will be able to pass traffic to a single device but after that, the other devices won't receive or pass LAN or WAN traffic.

    A SOHO wireless router (SOHO = small office/home office) is what you need. The Tenda is an AP but not a router.
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