need help diagnosing v-card failure

so im afraid that my gpu went bad. i tested on two different monitors and they both gave the same patterned screen. i have a powercolor 7990 with no extra voltage or oc going through it (did push the red button though XD) i still have a powercolor warranty, but i wanted to ask the community if they thought i could be any other problem before i tried to deal with their support. many thanks for your consideration
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    I just looked that card up and it's crazy big, seems to generate a lot of heat (3 fans) and most likely draws a lot of power.

    There are a few things you can try before calling support.

    1) Remove and reseat the card along with anything else that plugs into the card.
    2) Remove the card and try it in a different PC. Or try your computer with a different graphics card. I would do this to verify that you don't have a motherboard issue.
  2. thanks for the response i reseated the card and got the same effect. i then threw an ancient gts 250 in there and no problems at all. i think ill go for a 770 and sell the rma'd item. just have to find one so many options.......
  3. What kind of power supply do you have?
  4. corsair ax1200 it was on sale for like $200 so i said why not?
  5. That's a messed up video card then. Definitely rid yourself of the 7990 and go for one of the real nice custom GTX 770's. The AMD reference 7990 was so ill-conceived that it has already been discontinued.
  6. yep monday im going to rma the 7990 and hopefully get some unlucky bastard to buy it :) as for the 770 i have 2 MSI lighning ed 770s on the way :D
  7. Shweet!
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