Help with new budget gaming PC.


I'm planning to make a budget pc, which will include following things.

Cooler Master ATX 2.3 Thunder 600w
Western Digital CAVIAR GREEN 1TB 64MB
Gigabyte GF GTX560 1GB GDDR5
AMD Phenom x4 3,4ghz Black Edition, I will OC it to 3,8ghz btw.
Asrock 970DE3/U3S3
HyperX Red 4x2gb of ram
21,5" AOC monitor.

Question time.

Possible bottlenecking between CPU and GPU?

How much FPS I will get @ BF3 MULTIPLAYER, at low/medium/high/ultra at 720p resolution?

Thanks in advance, cheers.
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    Why not get a GTX 650 Ti Boost instead. Will work great in SLI too.

    Get a caviar blue or black too. I also think you'll get a fine FPS.

    BF3 MP is more CPU bound and it looks like your CPU is quite okay.
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