Need help to decide over an AMD A10 laptop?

I have found a laptop:
AMD A10 / 8GB /1TB / 2GB HD 8570 Graphics Card + integrated HD 8650G


Before you fire off by saying that, "Dude A10 sucks! Buy Intel i5!" Please hear me out.
Will the A10 cause any sort of lag in day to day tasks like heavy browsing(10 tabs opened) or HD videoplayback? If yes, then will an i5 be an improvement over it in any way? If yes, then by how much?
Will the startup and shutdown speeds differ in A10 and i5? If yes, then by how much?
Now, about the graphics:
Is HD 8570 a better card than HD 7670?
Is using dual graphics possible, like in HD 7670? (dedicated + integrated simultaneously)

Also note that this is A10 5750M variant. The new Richland architecture over Trinity. So please consider this. Thanks.

I know file compression and things take longer in A10 but it's not a deal breaker so.... fine by me!

The reason I'm fine with AMD is that it's an APU. So, it won't use the HD 8570 graphic card for everything. It will use the integrated one for simple tasks like HD movies, games like CS (which I play a lot.. actually the only game I play) and maybe even FIFA. Thus, saving battery. I'm not sure about this but. I might be wrong. Can someone confirm this? If wrong, then correct me?

I know it's a long post I've made but I value my parent's money so I have to make a perfect decision. Thanks for helping.

Any recommendation for other laptop is also appreciated.
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  1. about what GPU it will use at what time, both AMD and Intel-nVidia do that, it is a feature of Windows not hardware
    and for the price u're paying u really should get an i5, it will be a huge improvement over the APU
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    For Q1, both i5 and A10 should all be the same but as I am using intel 3rd i3/i5 reacts slightly faster than A10. But since A10 is a quad-core it may handle multi-task better.

    Q2 depends on your optimization of your laptop. Close down unnecessary start-up programs and even a 12-yr old Pentium III could start up in 30s.

    Q3 & Q4, 8570m utilize a GCN-based graphic cores. Therefore she couldn't pair with 8650G which utilize VLIW4 architecture. The huge setback for your laptop is that although 8570m uses new architecture (like HD 7750 Desktop) but limited by the low memory bandwidth (8650G could achieve 25.6GB/s if u use dual-channel memory but 8570m achieve only 16GB/s due to 64-bit bandwidth. Your laptop's 8650G only achieve 12.8GB/s 'cause only one RAM is installed, but u could increase it by installing another same 8GB DDR3 ram). Therefore, the 8570m performs, sadly, worse than your intergrated 8650G IGP (and of course worse than 7670m, even 2GB VRAM won't help a tiny rat's bit).

    If u prefer APU, trinity A10+7670m enables enough gaming performance ('cause dual graphics is enabled) more than this laptop. And as u'r playing not-so-demanding games like CS and FIFA, you don't even need a discrete card like 8570m or 7670m, your onboard GPU can handle it. A Richland APU or Trinity one without discrete card is enough.

    For CPU performance, Richland APU has higher clock than Trinity, therefore Richland CPU performs better.

    Wish u'r in the US, there are more APU laptop model for u to choose.

    In your web-site, I choose one that is enough for you:

    or this one (performs better than your lenovo)
  3. Thanks a lot for your insight on the graphics performance! I'm going to go with the HP Pavilion G6 now
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